And Cool Hairstyles

And Cool Hairstyles
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The process

Here are some photos of my process on painting a portrait, and a little info!
Just to start from the WAY beginning, you have to send me a photo of your pet (in a cute pose of course!).
Then I sketch the picture of your animal on a canvas, your choice if you would like a 8x10 or a 12x12. Here is a picture of a two dogs I am doing on a 14x10, I. These sizes I do not have in stock, but bought it anyways becuase I am fitting two dogs on it. This is my newest commision that I have not finished yet.Then I do the background. Which is always a solid color, sometimes with a sliver or two of a different color. I tell which color I am going to use by looking at the color of the dog, and the eyes. The dogs in this portrait are going to be black, I thought that orange makes black stick out. The eyes are dark brown, thought that orange would match up a little with the eyes.Then I color in the ears, nose and then the rest of the body. I shade and add different colors depending on what I see in the photo! Here is a finished one. 

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