And Cool Hairstyles

And Cool Hairstyles
And cute hairstyles/homemade crafts

Friday, December 2, 2011

Completing portraits

Finishing a portrait feels real good! Getting it just how I like it and how my customer would too. All of the details and the outlining, you just have to feel happy!
Usually when I am finishing a portrait, I have to look back at it and see....... needs some touch-ups there and here. Also, I usually get some input from my family. Then I usually give the background another coat depending on what color I choose. Orange, and red have been the naughty ones! They usally show thrue to the white canvas. So they are usually the ones with the double coat.Others I sometimes give an extra coat for the true looks of it.
If you go down, you will see a picture of a couple of dogs and an orange background. Well, just finished it today and it turned out fabulously!     

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