And Cool Hairstyles

And Cool Hairstyles
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"The Year Of The Snowy Owl"

This umbrella I just finished today, is based off one or two Snowy Owls being sighted here in Michigan, due to shortening of Lemmings in the arctic. Lemmings take up most of the stomach in a Snowy Owl, so the Snowy's came down South to search for food! The quote "The Year Of The Snowy Owl" on the umbrella is based off of that.

This umbrella will be auctioned off in Harbert Michigan the 18th of August, here is a link for information:

 Well anyway, I had a blast painting this umbrella! It was only tricky to start the whole thing, but once I got "in" it, I had a lot of fun!