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And Cool Hairstyles
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Friday, May 18, 2012

The beautiful "trained dog"

This portrait is of a good friend's dog, Dovekie. With some mix of a Golden Retriever and a Wire Haired Pointing Griffon. Look them up and you will find them stunning! This one was a little harder because I put him in a laying down position, which can be hard to get the legs in the right position, and make sure it does not look abnormal! The background was a good choice to pop Dovekie out, not too exciting, but just  right. Doing him was very fun, he has great hair and the double brush was awesome! The lighting was fun to ad, and he has wavy hair, which gives a great affect. The little blue spots gave it a little perk because just green gave it a bla feeling.

Some of you may be wondering why the title is "trained dog". This is because the first animal I drew for this business was Dovekie's buddie, Fern. Also our great friend's dog. They had all of their animals done, including their cat's, except for Dovekie. And in about a week, Dovekie was going to go thru big time training with a trainer a few hours away. Who I met myself! She is great, and she trained him perfectly. We said we would paint the picture of the trained Dovekie, after he came back from his training!


Finally! I have the rooster pictures, I am sure many of you were waiting. Now that Summer has come, hopefully I can update all the time! The first rooster, the red/orange color is the first rooster I did on canvas. It was a gift to my mom for her birthday, and since I had no present until three days before her birthday, I got the rooster done in two days, and I am surprised it came out the way it did! After hearing that Joe Hindley, the great artist in Sawyer MI, was having a rooster show for the Art Attack he invited me to bring my rooster in, to sell. But mom said "no, I'm not going to sell my rooster". I painted another to sell at Joe's studio (right). In my opinion the "blue" rooster has more character, appose from the "orange" rooster. The orange rooster is more of a still portrait, the blue is more of an active portrait. A rooster looking at you can be a little scary, thats why it bought my eye to do so. The blue/white skin below the eyes might mix you up. It is just another the weird addition to the funky rooster's head. It is wrinkled skin, with little spots of red. The white part below the mouth is almost an addition to the waddle (the large red things hanging from below the beak). These roosters are not of any particular rooster, I am hoping to do my rooster at home soon.

The orange rooster shows how beautiful a rooster can be. That one was a little easier because I did it off of a picture, but it was hard because of all of the fur looking whisky feathering on the neck and below. The blue rooster I did off of no actual rooster. I did look at a picture for the head, but the tail and coloration I did out of my imaginary self!

These roosters are still hanging at Joe's studio, and STILL for sale!