And Cool Hairstyles

And Cool Hairstyles
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

New horse portrait

This the only horse portrait I have done so far. This one I got done in one day, not doing it for anyone, just felt like painting that day! That day it was a Sunday and I had no school work in my way. In this portrait the key thing was to get the shading down. In the picture there was major shading, and I had to get it right. On the left side of the horse, it was the major shading, then towards the ridge of the nose it started getting light again. So when you look at it you can reall tell where the light is coming from. I was also suprised when I got the affect of the round eyes. If you look at the horse, the eyes look quite rounded. When I did the eyes I pretty mugh split them in half and it was all with the brush stroke. The eyes of a horse are also partly on the side, so I was kind of trying to get the effect of it going on the side of the face.
If you were wondering what horse is on here, his name is King. He stays at a riding stable in Niles MI. I ride/lease him for the summer, and dearly miss him since I will not be leasing in the winter. He is an Arabian breed of horse and very sweet.
When I took the photo it was my last day going to ride him for the year. It was a beautiful fall day, sunset and he was munching with his buds in the pasture. I brought my sister's great camera, and was planning on taking a picture for this portrait just above. So as I walk out to him with his halter and lead rope, he lifts his head, and then just goes back to munching. Side to side, munch, munch, munch. I turn on the camera and most of the other horses in King's pasture came to the sound of the clicking. One of them ( a retired race horse) sniffs the camera and shoos King away. Then munches right where King had. So I took a couple of him too. I go back to King and try to get a good clear picture of him. He just keaps on munching. I got a good face on one that is the one I used for this portrait, and was very happy with it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Completing portraits

Finishing a portrait feels real good! Getting it just how I like it and how my customer would too. All of the details and the outlining, you just have to feel happy!
Usually when I am finishing a portrait, I have to look back at it and see....... needs some touch-ups there and here. Also, I usually get some input from my family. Then I usually give the background another coat depending on what color I choose. Orange, and red have been the naughty ones! They usally show thrue to the white canvas. So they are usually the ones with the double coat.Others I sometimes give an extra coat for the true looks of it.
If you go down, you will see a picture of a couple of dogs and an orange background. Well, just finished it today and it turned out fabulously!     

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shading/different colors portrait

This portrait is a good example of a portrait I did for a lady. It has many different colors, different shading, and look at the background appose to the dog!This portrait was done a 12x12 canvas, square and is not a hanger canvas, more like a lean up canvas. Of course you can put hooks on the backs too. The 8x10 has a sticking out wood frame so it will hang on a hook in the wall perfectly!

The process

Here are some photos of my process on painting a portrait, and a little info!
Just to start from the WAY beginning, you have to send me a photo of your pet (in a cute pose of course!).
Then I sketch the picture of your animal on a canvas, your choice if you would like a 8x10 or a 12x12. Here is a picture of a two dogs I am doing on a 14x10, I. These sizes I do not have in stock, but bought it anyways becuase I am fitting two dogs on it. This is my newest commision that I have not finished yet.Then I do the background. Which is always a solid color, sometimes with a sliver or two of a different color. I tell which color I am going to use by looking at the color of the dog, and the eyes. The dogs in this portrait are going to be black, I thought that orange makes black stick out. The eyes are dark brown, thought that orange would match up a little with the eyes.Then I color in the ears, nose and then the rest of the body. I shade and add different colors depending on what I see in the photo! Here is a finished one.