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And Cool Hairstyles
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Fishtail Braid

This is my first hairstyle tutorial, and I'll probably learn a lot from it!

This hairstyle can be styled many different ways, (french, side, or straight down the back), but today I decided to do it as a 'side braid'. This can be for medium-short to long hair.

Things you'll need: Hair band to tie off fishtail braid, and bobby pin to
tidy up (see at right).

bobby pin:

1. First start by brushing your hair and pulling it to desired place. Today I'm doing it to the side, and this is always a very cute look!

2. Split into two equal parts:

3. Now that you have two equal parts, take a small strand from part 1 (whichever one you choose to be first) and pass it 'over' to strand 2. Therefor that small strand should join into strand 2. Also make sure you're passing it over part 1 to part 2. Repeat until it looks something like this:
Repeat until you one or two inches from the bottom of your hair.

4. If you want this to be a messy braid, don't pull too hard to make it tighter, and let the fly away's be, in other words, don't bobby pin them up. This may take a couple tries, but you will definitely get the hang of it! Here's the finished result:

Tie it off with your hair band and you can play around with it however you like. Please comment for questions, and let me know how it turned out! You can easily do this on yourself (I did this on my sister).

This is a great summer look, and would be great for work or school. It keeps hair out of your face, while still looking stylish!

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  1. It's beautiful, and it's a technique you can also use when making coffee cake!!!