And Cool Hairstyles

And Cool Hairstyles
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I am kicking on the double-in-one portraits lately! It was a new thing for me when I painted my first double-in-one portrait of the "briard dogs". Then came the little Scottie's and then this one! It can be hard to do these portraits becuase you need to make sure not only one, but both of the animals stand out to your eye. That BOTH are at their best! You also need to make sure that the background fits two dogs, if they are totally different or not. That usually takes a couple nights in bed for me to think it out. Brain storming in bed is the best time to think, it brings me to sleep, and you may even come up with a good idea! Bed time is my thinking time! These two were hard becuase they are two totally different colors, the background was a good pick I think. This portrait was done on a 12x12. The best size to do double-in-one portraits. Of course doing a big potraits is also good for two animals on one canvas.

More updates coming soon!

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  1. Nice! Will we be seeing the rooster soon???!!!